Last years model
“Saving the planet through sheer laziness” is what the people of LAST YEARS MODEL say. Why would you want to change your phone every year when it is still working. Nobody likes figuring out the new ins and outs, it takes time and is annoying
So.. "Get great gadgets and KEEP them" is what the fans tell us.

Some quotes:

"I turned my original Xbox into a media center I use constantly, seven years after I purchased it. It just didn't make sense to buy a whole new computer to sit under the television when I already had one there."
"I have the Digital Rebel XTi, it's 8MP, I really don't need anything better"
“I've had my bicycle for over 12 years now. Too new to be vintage and too old to be modern it definitely doesn't earn me any style points. But, I ride it almost every day and it still works great.”
“I still have my first-generation iphone :)”
“I still have last generation iMac. It still works, still rapid, still does everything I need! So why get the new one? Maybe in a few years :-D”
“Remember the Moto Razr V3c? It's been obsolete for about 2 years. I still have one, and while showing it's age, it's an awesome phone.”
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